Inline skaters perform tricks by utilizing features existing in a common, everyday environment. This involves skaters grinding hand rails and concrete ledges, jumping stairs, ramping off of embankments and generally turning anything on the regular street into an obstacle, ramp, or grind rail. Creativity is often seen as important aspect of street skating, since skaters are able to invent or link tricks specific to a unique environment, rather than performing more standard maneuvers on predefined obstacles as in park and vert skating.


Una raccolta generica dei termini usati per denominare l’ambiente del pattinaggio street e i tricks. Slide o grind: l’azione di scivolare sopra un tubo o un muretto. Rail: qualsiasi tubo o ringhiera su ui si possa ‘slidare/grindare’ Fakie: andare all’indietro sui pattini Soulplate: quella parte del pattino rivolta verso il pavimento che sporge dal frame. Viene appoggiata al …
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