Street is Culture (SIC) will be a non-profit organization that aims to become the brand under which millions of individuals around the world will connect and engage in cultural activities. This means hundreds, if not thousands, of job opportunities and so global visibility for sponsors and partners.

We have invested 8 years in analyzing, planning, hunting and recruiting, and we are now ready to roll.


We have C.E.Os, directors and managers with more than twenty years international experience in recruiting and managing the resources needed to develop a project globally. We also have the managers and coordinators who will be in charge of all the operations at local/national level.


Key elements to the success of the projects, the instructors and all the mediatic figures that willl be playing the “role models” for the youngsters. These individuals are highly skilled street disciplines masters and they are available in almost every country of the world.


Street Is Culture will have to become a globally recognized brand and for this reason it will need to rely highly on marketing, multimedia productions and Information Technology to attract and retain the youngesters, but also to guarantee maximum visibility to the sponsors and financers on a regional, national and also on a global scale. The external marketing and multimedia agency(ies) will be the profit organization.


Structural resources ready to be turned into academies exist in all the major cities in every country.


What is missing is the participation of sponsors and investors able to provide the financial resources needed to open the first academy in the United States or in the United Kingdom, the two locations with the highest number of street disciplines enthusiasts.

Production of Promotional Videos

We need 270.000 Euro to produce a series of promotional video for each discipline that, shared by enthusiasts all around the world, will show the potential of the project and that will wake the interest of patrons, investors, sponsors and also institutions that will fund and support the project.
196 videos produced in all the 196 countries by skilled videographers who will shoot content according to our director(s) guidelines.
With the organization in place, it will take between 6 and 8 months to produce them.

Every individual or organization (public or private) that will contribute to the project will be listed on the “Patrons” page on SiC website as well as on all the multimedia content that will be produced to promote the project, at both local and global level.