Street is Culture, is a social enterprise that aims to reduce vandalism and anti-social behaviour all around the world by stimulating and encouraging youth to engage in sports and other recreational activites based on street disciplines such as Skateboarding, Graffiti, BMX, Inline Skating, Parkour, Free Running and more, all related to the “Street Culture”.

Educational and entertainment programs developed by professional educators and by entertainment experts, that will turn “time filling” activities that often lead to criminality, into meaningful and rewarding experiences.

Tens of highly qualified instructors and mass-media/multimedia professionals, are ready to join the project they consider “the most exciting, rewarding and socially beneficial program on the planet” they have ever heard of.

We are building a team of great individuals, that are eager to start working in already existing, and those “to-be-built,” structures in the main capitals of the world.

“Street is Culture” is cool, therefor it will be able to reshape the concept on which the “Street Disciplines” enumerate around the world, on a personal, social, and also mediatic level.

Street Is Culture will become the brand under which millions of young individuals will gather, compete, learn and grow.

“Street is Culture is cool” and so it will be wanted and loved by parents, but also endorsed and funded by many who care about their communities and about the whole world.