What is Street is Culture?

Street is Culture is a social enterprise that embodies a movement and community which celebrates the diversity, creativity honesty and discipline of street culture using art, dance styles and sports activities “from the street” to challenge and improve the lives of youth throughout the world.


Our vision is to provide a means of engaging with youth in their environment, creating positive opportunities for self-improvement, providing them with an alternative to frustration and disillusionment. Through the experience of ‘Street Culture’ and its positive role models, we aim to inspire hard work, self-discipline and shared values.


The mission is to set up a series of Training Centres initially in the UK, but reaching for global presence, where expert Role Models teach the local youths a range of popular “street culture” activities, also known as “street styles”.

Why Street is Culture?

Uniquely, we bring together for the first time, the most popular street styles among young people – such as BMX, Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Parkour & Free Running, B-boying, Graffiti & Street Art – under a single programme. Our goal is to create a local and a global community based recreational and educational programme to improve young people’s futures. Through artistic expression, we provide a vehicle for them to draw upon personal will and unlock their full potential.

How it Works

At the grassroots level, this will be done by working in partnership with local authorities to establish dedicated Street is Culture Training Centres. Here, the street styles will be used as subjects for a structured annual educational and recreational programme delivering classes, workshops, competitions  and holiday courses. The popularity of street activities makes them a perfect “hook” to engage young people and bring them into a positive environment to learn and socialize. This will have the additional result of helping to prevent youth offending and recidivism.

Globally, an on-line community brings together the popular underground following that each of the street styles already has. Through the web we broadcast information, events, competitions, and other content of the activities taking place in the training centres. This results in the generation of funding streams from corporate sponsors, which help sustain local programmes.

Our Employment Programme 

Our students are our future. We have designed Street is Culture as a training programme for life and work. Every 3 months students will be evaluated by the Role Model Instructors for their potential to become role model instructors themselves. They will work alongside the professional instructors as paid assistants. All (legally qualified) students have an opportunity to become assistants at the level they have mastered. The ability to grasp key concepts of the Street is Culture method, develop sound technical skills and have leadership are essential criteria. Ask your instructor about becoming an employee of Street is Culture.


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